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About Translating

I love this work. Plays in translation are essential in building empathy as they allow us to peek into the Human condition from a perspective of artists in other parts of the world; to construct a wholistic view of our world in this globalized yet more polarized society we live in.

A translation has to live in the target language. I choose to translate theatrical texts because I am a theatre professional, and I prefer to translate mostly plays by Mexican playwrights because I grew up in Mexico, and was brought up with its cultural references, idioms, subtexts, and regionalities. And I share a passion for Mexico and the love-hate relationship many of its writers implicitly express in their work. 

My process: I create Draft-1.doc, a response to the text, a literal translation almost. I then work with the originating playwright (if living) to review the characters and the given circumstances in the play to create Draft-2.doc. I then, according to the requirements of the source material, gather actors to read my draft and create Draft-3.doc. Repeat and create Draft-4.doc. With this draft, I go into a week of rehearsal with the playwright and a team of theatre professionals to present a public reading.

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Fuente Ovejuna


Rarámuri Dreams from JACINTO Y NICOLASA by Camilla Villegas, commissioned by The Lark’s US/México Playwright Exchange.  Selected for the Columbia University School of the Arts’ International Play Reading Festival

La Pinche India from LA PINCHE INDIA by Mario Cantú Toscano, commissioned by TuYo Theatre and the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California for the San Diego/Tijuana Playwright Exchange.  Readings at the Old Globe’s Hattox Hall and in Tijuana’s CECUT

Murderers from LOS ASESINOS by David Olguín, commissioned by hotINK at The Lark, NYC

Belize from BELICE by David Olguín, developed by The Play Company and Por Piedad Teatro for the festival Hecho en México, NYC

Leaving from PARTIDA by Luis Ayhllón. Commissioned by the author and had a workshop production at Off The Tracks in Los Angeles, CA

Fractals from FRACTALES by Alejandro Ricaño, developed in NYC as an independent project with Maria Helan

Pork Kidneys to Soothe Despair from RIÑON DE CERDO PARA EL DESCONSUELO by Alejandro Ricaño  developed at the Lark Play Development Center’s US/México Playwright Exchange. Readings at Miracle Theatre in Portland, OR and the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, IL — Published by NoPassport Press
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The False Chronicles of Juana the Mad from FALSA CRÓNICA DE JUANA LA LOCA by Miguel Sabido.  Adaptation in Spanish premiered at Teatro Bravo in Phoenix, AZ and the English translation premiered in Manhattanville College, NY

Fuente Ovejuna from FUENTE OVEJUNA by Lope de Vega – Collaborated with William S. Gregory who wrote the play in verse… yes! Premiered at Miracle Theatre in Portland, Oregon.  Staged Readings presented at Oregon Shakespeare Festival and at the American Repertory Theatre’s alumni association project in NYC

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Commissioned by TCG for their international Pre-conference in San Diego/Tijuana, 2014. Published online by HowlRound Theatre Commons.

In Search of the Fandango
Commissioned by Brooklyn Rail 2019

Self Conchas, Reflexions.
Prologue to the play published in Palabras del Cielo: An Exploration of Latina/o Theatre for Young Audiences (Volume II)

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Work for Stage

La muerte descansa en paz / Death RIP
Commissioned by the Old Globe Arts Engagement for the City Heights Community of San Diego

Hermanas / Sisters
Commissioned by the Old Globe Arts Engagement for the City Heights Community of San Diego

Dance for a Dollar
Collaboration with Mariana Carreño King

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